Mixed Accessories


Add An Accessory To Display Or Gift Your Cap

 We supply Honour Caps for ornamental purposes to commemorate achievement and recognition. The focus of the cap is of striking decoration and they present as beautiful gifts. The Caps are available as single items to buy and we also provide a choice of presentation methods. We can deliver it in a Black Honour Caps presentation boxes or preserve the cap within a matching felt pouch.


Presentation Box

 We provide a single type of cardboard presentation box with a solid lid and printed silver HonourCaps logo. The Black presentation box is a simple yet effective way to preserve your cap and simultaneously display the message.


Solid Black Presentation Box 


Felt Pouch

 The pouch is made from the same Japanese Felt as the cap and is supplied the same base colour as your cap. The Pouch braiding and tassel will also match the cap finish. This is a traditional method of storage and a stunning accessory for your Cap. See the full colour range.

Felt Pouch

Accessory Prices



Boxes and Pouch Price
Solid Black Honours Cap Presentation Box                               £7.14                   
Pouch with no embroidery



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