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The Honours Cap YouTube Channel

The Honour Caps YouTube Channel


We have recently launched our YouTube channel to help spread the word about our exclusive products. The channel has a number of videos at the moment and we are adding more in the future.


Honour Caps Introduction Video video length 56 seconds


The first video is a brief introduction to the channel and can be found here The video lasts for about one minute and is presented in a fun, quirky style. 


How to Design an Honours Cap| The Easy Way video length 6 mins 13 seconds


The next video we produced was initially streamed and compliments our how to design an Honours Cap post. It gives numerous tips and hints on designing the perfect cap. The video is ideal if you are short on time and need some fast inspiration as it is only five minutes in length. You can find the video from this link


The Honours Cap Tradition video length 3 mins 28 seconds


The final video represents more the tradition and history of the Honours Cap. It is a three-minute video and was made to assist in recognising the values of presenting the caps. The video can be found here

If you have any further suggestions for videos please contact us from the website contact page

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