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Sports Award Alternatives

A great example of a medal used as a sports award


An award is something that can be conferred on someone as a mark of achievement or merit. Sports awards are given to the players of a team in victory and to participants who have contributed to the team consistently over a long period. There are several kinds of sports awards like certificates, trophies, medals, ribbons and honour caps. Sports clubs have used items like these as their choice of awards. Let us look at some these sports awards:



It is a document that states exactly what you have achieved. It is printed on a thick paper with the logo of the club or the sponsor of the tournament. It has signatures of persons of authority or officials who certify the achievement and can be neatly mounted in a frame.



Originally, a trophy made reference to a part of an animal that was displayed after a hunt. Later, it came to mean the spoils of war. Now it denotes an item in the shape of a cup to usually signify a sports achievement. Trophies can be made of various materials like metal or wood. They can be formed into many shapes and sizes.



A medal is a small token of achievement. It is a small, circular and metallic object which usually is worn by the victorious players around their neck. The medals are embossed with the logo of the event or the sports club. It usually has a string to make it wearable.



A ribbon is an award made from a material like satin. It looks like a medal and has a pin to fasten it to clothing. It has pleating to give it a floral look. In the middle, some information about the award and the event is printed. It has a few fringe strips gathered that is made out of the same material.



Honours Caps are given to players who have appeared for their sides over a period of time. These look like any cap albeit with the logo of the team printed or stitched. They commemorate the player's achievements and merit. The players are also given this sports award when they have contributed to their team in a significant way. The players who are awarded the cap are potentially great players who have often led their side to victory. Honours Caps also denotes experience at the highest level of sports. It is a very prestigious article for any player to possess.



So, we have looked at many awards. However, the honours caps deserve a special mention because they are a class apart. For a player, they are something special. Unlike the other kinds of sports awards, it can be worn or easily displayed. It is very smart, stylish and traditional. They carry a certain prestige.

The honours cap is light and fits easily. They are economical and long lasting. The mark of achievement can be imprinted on the cap. It can be displayed by the player on the field or on special occasions. It has the utility of a cap and makes a unique award.

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