The Presentation Cap


What is a Presentation Cap?


 We specialise in producing bespoke Presentation Caps for all occasions. The tradition is an extension of the Sporting Honours Cap with emphasis on generic achievement. So, traditionally if you were a successful sporting captain then an honours cap would be more appropriate. However, if you toured with a sporting team then a Presentation Cap would be a more apt memento.


 The History


 Honours Caps go back as far as the first footballing internationals. Presentation Caps are an extension of this fine tradition. We have produced them for over 20 years and they are designed by our team and handcrafted. As the item becomes ever more popular our work becomes more creative and unique.


 What type of event


 Presentation Caps issue as a reward for many types of achievement. We produce them for all occasions including giving up smoking and passing a driving test. These are common gifts and quite different to standard presents. We personalise every detail of each cap  with names and dates as required.

Goal scorers in football seasons are also recognised. Club badges can be displayed along with names and goals scored with the season dates. Most sporting events can be included, if you need help just contact the team.


 How to design a Presentation Cap


 We have developed an online 3D Cap designer tool available free on our website. Once on the designer, you have over 3000 colour combinations and designs to work with. Select your club badge and upload with a simple click of a button. Presentation Caps come in many different trims, it's your cap so be creative.


 Display your Cap


 Once you have designed your cap you have a number of accessory options. Gone are the days when gifting the cap on its own was standard. We now have a number of ways to gift the caps and display them correctly. Frames, Boxes and Pouches will make your Cap  the perfect gift and provide safe storage and display.

If you would like some help with your Presentation Cap call our team on 0141 5540448 or go to the 'Contact Us' page


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