How to design an Honours Cap (the basics)

Cap Designer Anatomy of an Honours Cap Guide

Honour Caps Designing

So you want to remember something special but need a design tool and imagination.

You've decided to commemorate that special event and need to create something special to mark it.

Designing an Honours Cap is a process with small logical steps. Is it easy? Like anything, it requires guidelines for success; follow our guide for the perfect design.



Firstly choose your colours. These are usually set for you by the event being commemorated. For example, a Graduation Cap could be in the University colours or a sporting Honours Cap in the team colours. The cap itself has panels for 7 different colours. These are made up from the six panels around the cap and a final colour on the lip.


The Two Coloured Standard Cap

Most caps will settle on two colours, in this case, it's preferable to alternate the colours around the cap. This will then leave a choice of either colour on the lip. The guide here is to select the predominant colour on the lip and coordinated this with the front panel of the cap. Preferably the dominant colour is the darker one so there is a better contrast for the text.


Text and badging

For orders below 20 units the text will match the trim colours of Gold or Silver. The trim is the shiny braiding around the cap including the distinctive tassel. The front facing panel of the cap is the position for your club badge or logo. Text can be added above and below the badge as required.

The lip can easily provide space for up to two lines of text. We recommend that where possible all text is printed in capital letters. This provides a clear and legible finish.


 3D Cap Designer

To design caps we have provided a free to use Cap Designer tool on the website. The tool allows for the design of Presentation Caps, Cricket Caps and Honour Caps. With over 2500 combinations of colour, the designs are only limited by your imagination. You can share the designs or even download a PDF of your artwork.

 If you would like to know more about designing your cap please contact our design team or call us on 0141 554 0448.

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