The Top Five Most Capped Players In History

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The top 5 most capped international footballers is a very exclusive list. It is a list that the majority of professional footballers will never make. To make the top 5 requires more than a footballing talent.


Most players who begin their professional journey dream of playing club football. To become an International player takes more than the expected talent. To represent your country with over 100 appearances takes considerable talent (and luck).


The shortest career time on the list is 13 years 32 days, the longest 22 years 143 days. Both these extremes are remarkable time frames. To play with such intensity over 13 years requires an injury free career. To play over a prolonged 22 years requires dedication and commitment.


All the players on the current top 5 list are retired from international and club football. The only players near the top of the list currently playing are Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon. Iker is a Goalkeeper and has so far represented Spain on 167 occasions. Quite remarkably Gianluigi is also a Goalkeeper and has represented Italy on 167 occasions. These players are currently joint 7 and 8 on the list (Jan 2016).


The Top Five Most Capped Players In History


1) Ahmed Hassan - 184 Caps - Egypt

Ahmed is the most capped International Footballer in history. Now retired he played his first International in 1995 and is now a football manager.


2) Hossam Hassan - 178 Caps - Egypt

Hossam is also Egypt's highest scoring player with 69 goals in his remarkable career. He is a twin and played with his brother for most of his career.


3) Claudio Suarez - 177 Caps - Mexico

Claudio began playing International football in 1996 and retired in 2006. He managed to wear his famous number 2 jersey in two World Cups.


4) Mohamed Al-Deayea - 172 Caps - Saudi Arabia

Mohamed's position in the top 5 is extra special. He achieved his Caps in the shortest career time, taking only 13 years 32 days.


5) Ivan Hurtado - 168 Caps - Ecuador

Ivan is the youngest player in history to represent Ecuador at just 17 years old. He also holds the world record for playing the most World Cup qualification games.


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A collection of outstanding sporting achievement that in modern sport is going to be hard to beat. The order of the top five will change in time although the depth of these achievements will maintain a slow rate of change.They have a combined total of 879 Caps and a collective lifetime of football acquiring them.


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