Nine England Footballers with over 100 International Honour Caps (the only nine)

Wayne Rooneys presentation of 100th Honours Cap by Bobby Charlton


The 100 Honours Cap Club


The sensational ‘100 club’ has only nine English members. Each of these special players has qualified for over 100 Honour caps. The Honour Caps are handmade and customised for each player.


The first player in world football (FIFA) to reach 100 games was England Captain Billy Wright. International Caps are issued loosely, the 100th Cap is usually presented in a frame or case.


Wayne Rooney was the most recent player to receive his 100th Cap. This was presented in a glass case by Bobby Charlton, another player on the 100 list. Rooney made his debut in 2003 against Australia, receiving his 100th Honours Cap against Slovenia at Wembley.


Rooney Lampard and Gerrard's 100th Honours Caps


Wayne is the only active player on the list capable of exceeding Peter Shilton's 125 Honour Caps.  Other list members still living have since retired from international Football. This includes the recent Gerrard and Lampard. Remarkably Gerrard and Lampard achieved their records in the same era...... and they said they couldn't play together.

100 Caps and Counting


Peter Shilton 125 Caps

Peter is leading the total number of Caps. A legend of the game and the only Goalkeeper to appear on the list.


Wayne Rooney 118 Caps

Wayne is number two on the list. He is the only active England International and the only player listed with a chance of making the top spot.


David Beckham 115 caps

Golden Balls himself! An amazing career and a remarkable professional. David's achievements are a result of his hard work and unwavering commitment to the International cause.


Steven Gerrard 114 Caps

Steven Gerrard's football career began early with a persistent back problem. Without injury, Steven could have gone on and represented his country a record number of times.


Bobby Moore 108 Caps

One of two Bobbys on the list. Bobby captained his side to a world cup win in 1966. This arguably makes him the most successful England player to achieve over 100 caps.


Ashley Cole 107 Caps

Ashley is usually the forgotten man of the list. An always reliable defender Ashley completed his 107 caps in 12 years 342 days.


Bobby Charlton 106 Caps

When he retired in 1970 Bobby was the most capped England player. A gentleman on and off the pitch Bobby was only booked once in an England shirt (versus Argentina 1966).


Frank Lampard 106 Caps

Frank played in 3 World Cups and is currently the England team's most prolific penalty taker with 9 goals. He made his International debut in 1999 and went on to score 29 goals.


Billy Wright 105 caps

Billy was the first International player in the world to reach 100 caps. His debut for England was in 1946 and he went on to captain the side a record 90 times.

The End or Just the Beginning?


So there you have it; the nine most capped England footballers in history. Is the list finished? Of course not. So who’s next? Is it someone yet to debut or an existing international? Considering we only have 9 members in the history of the FA then please don't hold your breath.


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